2016/17 Tryout and Birth Year Guidelines


PLAYING UP / TRYOUT GUIDELINES                                                 

WMUSA has always recommended that players participate for a team in the correct soccer year-of-play. Based on U.S. Soccer’s philosophy, this will provide the most competitive and suitable environment for a player’s social and long-term player development.

U.S. Soccer’s new age group guidelines, which are based on birth year, have presented WMUSA with a unique set of circumstances under the U.S. Soccer Initiatives: http://www.epysa.org/membership/USSoccerDevelopment/

After evaluating the new age rules, WMUSA will encourage players to tryout for their correct birth year age group. Any player wanting to attend for a team that is 1 birth year older will be allowed. Please note: players who try-out “up” for a team are NOT guaranteed to be offered a roster spot.

Players who are interested in playing for a team 1 birth year older are required to attend ALL of the tryouts for their actual birth year age group.

Please note: All directors and Age Group Coordinators will have final decision regarding player placement.



Please consider the following when making your decision to tryout “up” for an older team:

• 2016-17 teams will most likely NOT consist of the same players that they did in previous seasons. This could be especially true at the younger ages.

• Is “playing up” really the best thing for my child’s social and soccer development?

• Depending on your child’s actual birth date they will be between 12 months and 23 months younger than the oldest players in the age group above. (see tables below for age group information).


 2016 - 2017 AGE GROUP MATRIX



The table below shows the potential age difference between a child born in each month, with the oldest players in the age group above. (For example, a child born in March will be 14 months younger than the oldest players on their team and their oldest opponents).



Is WMUSA following the U.S. Soccer birth year guidelines for the 2016-2017 season?

WMUSA will be encouraging players to play within their appropriate birth year.  Furthermore, players will be allowed to tryout, and if selected, granted to “play up” 1 age group above their birth year for the 2016-2017 season.


What does it mean to play “age appropriate”?

Age appropriate means your child plays for a team in their correct birth year age group.  For example, U10 = Birth Year 2007.


Does my child have to tryout for their birth year if they want to tryout for the year above?

Yes.  A player who is trying out “up” must attend all of the tryouts in their correct birth year age group.


If my child attends tryouts for multiple age groups, how many tryout fees do I pay?

Every player will only be charged 1 tryout fee of $10.  Each player will receive a tryout t-shirt.


If my child would like to attend a spring training session with a current team, may they attend a training session?

They can attend the birth year showcase events. 


Will the field size and goal sizes change next year?

Yes.  Some fields and/or goal sizes will change slightly for certain age groups based on U.S. Youth Soccer’s recommendations.


Where will WMUSA tryouts be held for the 2016-2017 season?

All WMUSA tryouts will be held at West-Mont’s HillTop Soccer Complex: 560 Royersford Road, Limerick, PA 19468.




Boys Director of Coaching: Dennis Squires

Girls Director of Coaching: Steve Sawyer