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Registering for tournaments that the team has planned and budgeted to attend is generally the responsibility of the DOC for your zone.  In some cases, the DOC may ask Team Managers to register.  

Important Tips:

  • Make sure you will have enough players and guest players before registering.
  • Register as soon as possible.  Open slots at popular tournaments tend to fill up quickly and tournament directors often close the door to applications ahead of the originally planned date if they get enough teams to sign up.  Many tournaments also offer "early bird" discounts!
  • Depending on the tournament you may be able to send a check in for payment, which will often give you enough time to request and receive a check from the team account ahead of time.  In other cases they will require a credit card and you will likely have to use your own to process the registration.  If this is the case make sure your Team Treasurer gets your check (refund) request as soon as possible to avoid interest fees. 



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Below you will find some helpful video tutorials on how to use the GotSport online registration tool.  In addition to the below resources, you can find more helpful information on how to use the various team manager features at the GotSport help section of their website. 


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