Lauren McDonnell Receives Grant Award!

Donates her award to West-Mont S.A.

Lauren McDonnell of the WMU 07G Union, was nominated for, and selected as the Athlete and Student of the Year for her soccer, basketball, and educational accomplishments at a well-known pharmaceutical company.  The company's directors were impressed with Lauren's resume and selected her as the winner.  A very prestigious award to get.  We at West-Mont are very proud of her for her bravery and dedication and love of sports and her schoolwork.  With her being recognized, Lauren had the choice to pick a charity or somewhere to give a $500.00 gift.  After careful thought Lauren chose to donate $500.00 to West-Mont Unites S.A. this year, Recently, her grant/award was extended so she will be contributing $500.00-$1,000.00 to West-Mont for the next 4-5 years! Lauren would like the money to be used towards the travel and intramural programs at West-Mont.  

Congratulations Lauren, we're all proud of you!