Being a Leader Without a Title

Hello, West-Mont families! Welcome to the May edition of the Mental Performance Newsletter. Today I’m going to cover ways for your athlete to step up as a leader on their team, whether or not they have an official title. 

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And now, onto Leadership! Many athletes have goals of being a respected player on their team, someone who others look up to, ask questions, or try to replicate. However, many of these athletes also struggle to feel like they can accomplish this if they are not in an official leadership role. 

Here’s 3 easy ways your athlete can be a leader on their team at all times.

  1. Acknowledge Personal Mistakes: This is the top rule for being a leader. Nobody likes someone who blames others for their own mistakes. A simple, “My bad, I’ll be on top of that next time!” can show accountability for the action and that effort is being made to correct for the future. 

  2. Offer Encouragement: To add onto tip #1, everyone feels better when teammates are supportive after a mistake rather than screaming at you. Keeping things light with, “Nice try! You’ll get it next time” can help players feel more confident in facing this challenge again. 

  3. Make Connections: Leaders inspire change by connecting with others. By getting to know their teammates, your athlete can motivate others to stay strong on the field and work towards a shared goal.

Have your athlete give these a shot and see how their confidence levels change! Being a leader is about more than a title. It’s about impacting others in a positive manner. 

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Dr. Rachel Hoeft

Official Mental Performance Coach for West-Mont United