Intramural FAQ's


What is the cost to register for Intramurals?

$150 for one player, $5 discount for second registered sibling, $10 discount for third registered sibling. These are family discounts and can be applied towards travel player registrations also (fall season only).


What is the Volunteer Fee?

There will be a $25/player volunteer fee added to the registration cost.  This fee can be redeemed by volunteering for one of the shifts/positions that will be offered by WMUSA.


What do I receive for my fee?

Uniform (shirt and socks), secondary medical insurance, EPYSA registration fee, referee fees, use of fields at HillTop Farm, practice fields at local schools.


What must I purchase on my own?

Every player must wear shin guards which are mandatory. Soccer cleats or sneakers may be worn (cleats are preferred for the older ages). Although shorts are not provided it is reccommended players wear black athletic style shorts during games.


When will I hear from my coach?

Coaches should contact their players beginning the 3rd week in March for Spring and 4th week in August for Fall, all dates are subject to change based upon when the new season starts.


When do practices and games begin?

Practices begin the 3rd or 4th week in March for Spring and the 1st week of September for Fall, all dates are subject to change based upon when the new season starts.


When does the season end?

  • Our season will end on Saturday Jun 6th providing there are no rain delays during the season.


May I request a coach or another player?

We do not honor coaching requests. We may honor carpool requests, as long as both players indicate in the appropriate section online, the name of the other player, and they must request each other.


When and where are practices held?

Nippers U5 do not practice during the week. They will have all practices and games on Saturdays at Hilltop.

All other divisions generally practice one night during the week, which is chosen by the coach. So requests for practice nights cannot be honored ahead of time. If you have a conflict we will do our best to switch your child to another team.

Practice locations include but are not limited to: PV South Elementary, 8th Grade Center, Limerick Elementary, Brooke Elementary, and Anderson Park.  


What is the refund policy?

No refunds are granted after the season has started. The club will grant a 100% refund if we cannot place your player on any age appropriate team. Refunds for reasons of friend requests or carpooling accommodations will not be made.

In the event of a season cancellation prior to starting the season, members will receive a full refund minus a $25.00 adminstration fee or receive a coupon that is equal to the full registration amount that can be used towards any soccer program within the club up to two years.

Why an adminstration fee? Staff members must be paid to prepare for the running of the programs throughout the year. There are costs incurred with landscaping companies to prepare and maintain the fields. In addition, insurance and credit card fees are paid for each player upon completion of their registration to participate in the program. The adminstration fee is to cover these costs and ensure no debt is created.

The club may, however, in its sole discretion, consider refund requests under the following: (1) player moves more then 50 miles from the WMUSC region. (2) a player becomes injured or ill and can no longer participate in the season. (3) any other exigent circumstances the club deems necessary or appropriate. 

Refund process: Written request should be emailed to Refund will be processed within 30 days.


I am coaching; what should I expect?

All volunteer coaches must complete their background check clearances.  Mandatory coach’s meetings will be held prior to the season.  You will receive a coach’s shirt, team uniforms, picture day information and any fundraiser information for the season. We also offer instructional coaching clinics and will provide you with the details when available.

*All dates are subject to change