Adult Intramural General Playing Rules


Any changes or modifications to these rules will be published and distributed prior to the beginning of each season, contingent on the number of players registered and what format will be followed.

WMU-ASL will abide by all current FIFA rules, except where noted below, and/or where supplemental documents are issued.


  • 8 v 8 small sided games: 2 thirty-five minute halves, with 10-minute halftime.

  • A game is considered “official” after one completed half of play.

  • There will be a running clock with additional stoppage time, only at the referee’s discretion, in the case of overly long stoppages during dynamic play.

There is no overtime during regular season games. If conducted, playoff rules will be provided to team captains.


Every effort will be made to maintain and update team standings on the WMUSA website.

Home team must email the score to the commissioner within 48 hours of the game.

Division champions will be declared at the end of the season. Awards to be determined.

The league will make the ultimate decision on whether playoffs will be held during the last night or if a champion will be determined by regular season points. The point system will be as follows.

If teams are tied the following tie-breakers will be used:

  • Head to head (for 2 teams only)

  • Least goals allowed

  • Most goals scored (up to a max of 3 per game)

  • Goal differential

If still tied, co-champions will be declared.


Unlimited and according to FIFA Laws of the Game or as modified by the league. The referee must be notified prior to the substitute entering the field of play.


Use of foul/abusive language will not be tolerated. Referees have the authority to verbally warn, caution or send off any contestant/coach/spectator that uses foul language or is verbally abusive.


If a team is leading by 5 goals or more, good sporting behavior should be observed by both teams to lessen the frequency of scoring. The losing team may add another player if so desired.


Yellow cards (cautions) and red cards (send offs) will be issued by the referee when warranted. Receiving 2 yellow cards or a direct red card during a game will result in a send-off and that player must leave the playing area and retire to the parking lot or may be required to leave the property if warranted by the referee. (The team may not substitute for the player who was sent off, and that team must play down a person.) Receiving a direct red card or 2 yellow cards will result in a minimum suspension of one game.

Yellow cards will be tracked by the league commissioner. (A player is not required to leave the field after receiving a yellow card, and that team does not play down a player.) An accumulation of 3 yellow cards by any player will result in them being suspended for 1 game.

All send offs will be referred to the Commissioner and the WMU BOD for review and possible further sanctions. Fighting will not be tolerated. Any person involved in fighting will be suspended from attending any further games pending review by the league commissioner and the WMUSA BOD and may be expelled from the league. No refunds will be given.