One of the most challenging areas I see as a dietitian (and experience myself as a soccer mom) is figuring out how to prepare a healthy meal around weeknight practices. I have the best intentions of cooking a meal at home, but some nights the clock beats me and we have to resort to eating out. Luckily, Wawa has some healthy and quick options to fuel your athlete without the guilt of running through the drive-thru. 

1. Check out the built-to-order section

Build your own salad or bowl and load it up with tons of veggies.
Don’t forget to add grilled chicken, hard-boiled eggs, and/or beans for added protein.
Chili and chicken noodle soup can count as a dinner too! Just pair with some fruit and raw veggies from the grab-and-go section.
Choose the grilled chicken strips kids meal with apple slices, yogurt, or applesauce
When building a sandwich, choose whole grain sliced sandwich bread over the roll. Load up the veggies and choose mustard as your condiment of choice.

2.   Grab and go is also a fabulous solution:

The middle island is where all the healthy action is at! Remember, a balanced meal includes a high-fiber carb (think whole grains or fruit), protein, and veggie. Try your best  to include all 3!
Choose fresh fruit, pre-cut veggies, yogurt cups, hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, peanuts, and protein packs to build your own meal. 
Pre-made salads and wraps are also easy and quick to grab in a rush.
If looking for dinner options to reheat, the grilled chicken and broccoli platter is a great choice. Just grab a piece of fruit and you have yourself a complete meal.

3.   Scratch the extras:

Forego the extra cheese, meat, or dinner roll when ordering at the kiosk.
Water is always your best choice. Skip over the sodas, juice, or iced teas.
An individual bag of pretzels or snack item can compliment a meal but should never be the star of the show.
Candy will only give you a short burst of energy and will end up leaving you exhausted in about 30 minutes. Skip this section for another day.

4. Ask for help! 

Meeting with a Registered Dietitian is a great way to learn new ideas and gather sports minded recipes for athletes of all ages. For more information, check out