Do you have a passion for soccer and want to work with one of the leading clubs In Eastern Pennsylvania and in the US?

If so, it's time to apply for a job with West-Mont United S.A.

West-Mont United S.A is at the forefront of providing quality, year-round education and development to our specialist coaches. We offer a variety of opportunities within the club which provides the best possible coaching experiences.

We are looking to offer Full-Time coaching opportunities for highly motivated youth soccer coaches. If you are passionate about soccer and enjoy working with children, then we are interested in hearing from you.

Features and benefits of a coaching position with WMUSA:

• Year-round work 
• Competitive salary 
• Coaching apparel and full equipment provided 
• The opportunity to work with players of various ages and abilities, including Travel & Premier Teams
• Regular staff training and education workshops 
(Positive Coaching Alliance, United Soccer Coaches)
• Coaching manuals and curriculums  



STEP 1 - Application
Your details will be screened to determine your suitability for a coaching role at WMUSA.  Make sure that you give us plenty of information on your experience and qualifications. Click Here – Application

STEP 2 - Complete a Telephone Interview
This will last around 10-15 minutes and involves a brief call to get to know you a little better.  We aim to discuss your experiences, philosophies and motivations to join WMUSA, as well as provide the opportunity for any questions you might have.

STEP 3 - Employment Open Session
If the telephone interview is successful we invite you to one of our practice sessions, where we can see you coach on the field.

STEP 4 - Employment Contract
This is the final stage of the process. If you attend and perform satisfactorily at the employment open Session, you will be offered an employment contract and we will start to build you a coaching schedule.

Interested in applying?  Click here for your application!

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