Please see below the details for the in person tryouts:

  • Dates: Week of July 13th - July 16th 
  • Monday & Wednesday Boys - Evening
  • Tuesday & Thursday Girls - Evening
  • Two tryouts per age group
  • 1 hour time slots
  • Return to Play Policy

MON (7/13) & WED (7/15)
2012 Boys 5pm-6:30pm (Field TBD)
2011 Boys 7pm-8:30pm (Field TBD)
2010 Boys 5pm-6:30pm (Field TBD)
2009 Boys 7pm-8:30pm (Field TBD)
2008 Boys 5pm-6:30pm (Field TBD)
2007 Boys 7pm-8:30pm (Field TBD)
2006 Boys 5pm-6:30pm (Field TBD)

TUES (7/14) & THURS (7/16)
2012 Girls 5pm-6:30pm (Field TBD)
2011 Girls 7pm-8:30pm (Field TBD)
2010 Girls 5pm-6:30pm (Field TBD)
2009 Girls 7pm-8:30pm (Field TBD)
2008 Girls 5pm-6:30pm (Field TBD)
2007 Girls 7pm-8:30pm (Field TBD)
2006 Girls 5pm-6:30pm (Field TBD)



  • Is there any payment required to attend the in person tryouts?  No payment is required
  • What should we wear to tryouts? If you are a current West-Mont member please wear your training jersey.  If you are a player from outside the club we recommend to wear any preferred soccer gear.
  • What will we need to bring to tryouts? Just yourselves and a labelled water bottle.  No soccer balls or bags
  • Who will attend the tryouts? The tryouts will mainly be for players that were placed on the 'Bubble' within their age group, players that are interested from outside the club and current players that wish to attend (not mandatory for current WM registered players)
  • What if we don't feel comfortable attending the in person tryouts yet? We would recommend Players/parents to send additional video footage to coaches/age group coordinators with any training, in game footage or new individual training they have put together.
  • What if we can't make the tryouts due to being on vacation? Please see the previous answer.
  • What will the Club have in place at the fields to ensure player safety? Please visit our 'Return to Play' Policy for all details including before, during and after training.
  • How do we know how many roster spots are still available after the virtual tryouts? Please contact the Age Group Coordinator for any details or the Zonal Director.
  • If we are accepted onto a roster, how soon would we have to make payment? Once you have accepted the roster spot through your registration, payments will start.  If you have any questions in regards to payment options please contact our club manager  

If you have any questions please contact the zonal director:

Matt Rice U9-U12 Girls

Aron Bassoff U9-U12 Boys

Dennis Squires U13-U14 Boys & Girls

Steve Small U15+ Boys & Girls