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WMUSA’s current programs can be broken down into the following four distinct areas:

1. General Instruction

Day Camps - Multi-day instructional soccer camps are held in the spring, summer and fall for players of all levels. These are conducted by WMUSA’s professional coaching staff. Participation averages approximately 100 players per camp.

Director’s Technical Program- Ongoing weekly development sessions are offered for players of all levels. These trainings are conducted by WMUSA’s premier level coaching staff. Participation averages approximately 50 players per session.

West-Ham Identification Camp - This camp is open to players of all levels and is led by West-Ham United FC development academy coaches. West Ham United Football Club is a professional football club based in Stratford, East London, England, that competes in the Premier League, England’s top tier of football. WMUSA has partnered with West-Ham to focus on player and coaching development. West-Ham conducts this open camp with the goal of identifying US players for their professional development academy.

2. Recreational

WMUSA’s most popular program by registration is its in-house recreational leagues for all ages (U4-adult). The recreational leagues are offered in two distinct seasons for each year during the spring and fall. Players will often have one training session and one game per week during each season.

Little strikers - A program for 3 and 4 year olds with a focus on introducing youth to the game of soccer. Approximately 25-30 players participate in each season.

Youth Rec league - Players from ages 4 through 15 compete in a league of equal quality teams. The program focuses on fair play and general player development. Approximately 1,100 players participate in the Youth Rec League each season.

Suburban County Soccer League - 16 and 17 year old players compete with rec level players from neighboring soccer clubs with a continued focus on fair play and technical development. Approximately 75 players participate in this league.

High School Summer League - WMUSA offers a summer high school soccer league for neighboring schools to begin preparations for the fall high school season. Approximately 6 neighboring school districts participate in this program with about 100 participating kids each Summer.

Adult League - WMUSA offers an in-house, adult-level league for all players 18 years and older. This league runs in the spring, summer and fall and has approximately 175 players that participate with varying abilities.

3. Travel Program

WMUSA’s Travel Program is its entry-level competitive play program. The Travel Program focuses on progressing individual player development and competitiveness. Players receive professional instruction within the four pillars of soccer player development, as dictated by US Soccer: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological. The Travel program runs annually with approximately 700 participating players. Players have at least two training sessions and at least one game each week throughout the fall and spring. Winter consists of indoor league games and indoor training.

Futures Development Program - This invite-only program is for 6 and 7 year old rec players who show some advanced abilities in one of the four pillars. Professional instruction is conducted by WMUSA’s coaching staff.

Youth Travel - This invite-only program is for players ages 8 to 17. It is comprised of players of advancing abilities that competitively participate in the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer travel leagues. Teams also participate in official sanctioned tournaments and state championships.

4. Premier

WMUSA operates a premier level program for players of top ability in the general Montgomery County area. Players compete in regional leagues and top flight regional and national tournaments. Players receive professional coaching and instruction up to three times a week with at least one weekend game. Teams also compete for the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer state championship along with the goal of a top 10 finish in age group rankings conducted by gotsoccer.com.

"My daughter has played for West-Mont United Soccer for 9 years and counting. Thanks to the excellent coaching staff and training she has grown as a player while learning important life lessons- hard work, sportsmanship and teamwork. What started as a hobby has turned into a passion. As a bonus she’s made lifelong friends along the way."

- Jenn Luciani



"West-Mont made me a better player, teaching me new skills and traits all while allowing me to be involved with other activities. I play travel soccer, school soccer, school lacrosse and have my high school academics to worry about. My coach respected my time and commitments - and was able to find ways to keep me in the loop or catch me up on things I missed. I have been at this club for over 10 years, I have so many lasting friendships and life long memories that I will never forget."

- Taylor Reiff

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