WMU 2018 Site Improvement Project - The Campaign for WMUSA



In 2015, WMUSA conducted a survey of its membership about various potential site improvements in order to fully understand how to best move forward as a club. The response clearly indicated the need for permanent turf fields with lights, grass field improvements, and permanent bathrooms.

Who will Benefit

Permanent turf fields with lights and permanent bathrooms, all of which will lead to a significant positive impact on the following:

1. The Players

Each season, fall, spring, and summer, more than 1,800 children participate in WMUSA’s youth programs. WMUSA provides organized youth soccer activity for any child who wants to learn and compete. Currently, the programs are limited by the sun and weather. During the early sunset months, in order to have late afternoon or evening practices and games players must move to offsite facilities.

2. The Community

WMUSA is where people gather. With so many families participating in WMUSA programs, The Hill-Top Complex is the place where neighbors get to meet neighbors and where children get to meet children from beyond their schools and places of worship. The more WMUSA can bring people together, learning and playing together, the stronger the community will be.

3. The Financial Viability of WMUSA

Renting off-site facilities has been expensive. Through the Campaign for WMUSA, the club will move all of its programs to the Hill-Top complex, be fully-owned by WMUSA, and from the start be debt-free. Such a financial structure will allow WMUSA to focus its resources on supporting inclusion opportunities through scholarships, ongoing training for coaches and incorporation of new technologies to better serve to the health and development of WMUSA players.

The Details of the Campaign

1. Two full-size synthetic turf fields added by the front of the complex near the clubhouse.

2. Restroom facilities constructed, reducing needs of temporary bathrooms and increased sanitary during games, practices and events.

3. Turf lights which allow for players to remain in complex versus transporting to remote fields, as well as overflow lighting to the adjacent parking lot. Turf lights are to be moden fixtures which limit the amount of light that will "bleed" onto neighboring properties.

4. Parking lot adjustments to ensure proper safety zones between lot and adjacent roadway. Parking flow is also to be address to ensure safety of members.

5. Removal of existing dilapidated housing structure which poses a safety issue.

6. Addition on one natural grass field in place of the dilapidated house

7. Expansion of clubhouse deck, allowing for raised view of both turf fields for spectators.



Phase 1 - 5 months - Sitework, drainage, 1 turf field, house removed, grass field seeded

Phase 2 - 3 months - Remaining sitework, second turf field, lights installed

Phase 3 - 3 months - Bathroom installation and clubhouse work completed



"Having been with West-Mont United as a director since 2012, I have seen a dramatic change in our club. With increases in participation and more programs offered to a wider range of age and gender. The club is becoming more involved every year within the community and more and more families are stepping up to support their local club. In the years I have been here we have seen hundreds of amazing stories where players have entered into the club as young as 3 years old, and have moved on to amazing achievements. Such as US national teams, Philadelphia Union Academy, College, High school, etc. However, the best stories for me are the players you see who started at the club from the ages of 3 and still see them on the training or game field laughing and smiling with their peers at the ages of 9-17 years. That to me is the biggest picture we try to instill in our WMUSAFAMILY. The journey in youth sports here at West-Mont constantly strives to support the growth of confident, driven and respectful young men and women when moving into their adult lives."

- Ian Dawson (WMUSA Executive Director)